Why Does Everyone Love OneSupport  Why we love OneSupport, and you should too! Why Does Everyone Love OneSupportPassion: an intense emotion, compelling enthusiasm or desire.  
It’s arguably one of the most important elements of leading a fulfilling and meaningful life, and it’s important for everyone to search for theirs, and to continue pursuing and discovering new things and activities that they are passionate about throughout their life.   It’s also important to find an outlet to share our passion with others, since it’s a great way to show others what we love and helps them relate to us.
So why is this guy blathering on about passion and emotions on a technology blog?  Simple:  because it’s the thing that led us to create OneSupport in the first place!
All of us here at OneSupport have a life-long love affair with technology.   It takes different forms, whether it be the more “traditional” techie hobbies like video games and building ridiculously fast and overpowered computers to play them (Water cooled PCs, anyone?) to using it to enhance our lives in other less conventional ways.  We take technology everywhere with us and it permeates everything we love to do, whether it be solar power stations to charge our smartphones while we are in the middle of nowhere, drones to use as mobile GoPro platforms, digital night-vision thermal imaging scopes with Bluetooth connectivity (to project what’s in the scope to a tablet while in the deer blind), or using the internet to find new techniques to build things, repair things, and help us be more rounded people.
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What makes OneSupport great is that it helps everyone, regardless of their level of prior experience, reap the benefits that technology has to offer, and provides us an outlet to share our passion with others.   Being able to open these doors for people is infinitely rewarding, and the opportunity to help people see what we see in technology is what makes OneSupport worth devoting our lives to.  In the past 10 years, a good friend of mine has gone from being afraid to turn on his Windows XP machine to thinking nothing of starting a FaceTime to chat with his grand kids, and I think that his experience really shows the power of support — having a knowledgeable resource on tap (in this case, me) to ask here and there when he got stuck built his confidence to the point that he knew he could solve tech problems on his own and begin taking advantage of emerging technologies easily — and he’s still got a lifeline if something goes awry.   Technology has made his life better, and he’s become more well rounded by learning to take advantage of it.   While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that my friend has magically transformed into a passionate computer nerd — far from it — he’s benefited from my passion and he’s now using technology to make his life better and easier instead of living in fear of it, and his changing viewpoint has expanded my own perspective.
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We all have the ability to learn new things and expand our perspectives, but sometimes we need a little guidance to get started.   We love OneSupport because we are able to share our passion through our support, and in doing so we are able to make people’s lives better.  We know that once you have the chance to experience our passion, you’ll come to love OneSupport as much as we do!