When I was younger, I always loved the magazine articles of “what’s in my bag?” or “what’s in my suitcase” of famous celebrities. I think you can learn SO much about a person by what they have with them at all times. With time this has evolved, changed, and grown. Now I think if you really want to get a good read on who someone is, you want to know what apps are on their smart-phone. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some that come with the phone, but what someone goes out of their way to put on their phone says a lot about them. On that note, I’m opening myself up for judgment and am going to give you my top 10 apps on my phone I cannot live without.

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1. Facebook. I get that this is just standard anymore, but it’s something I find myself checking to stay up to date with family, friends, get my news, etc. Not only can you search the marketplace, you can keep everyone updated with exciting life events, and find out what’s going on in the life of Jon from Kindergarten.

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2. Pinterest. I use this for anything and everything. Need a motivational quote to send to a friend? Search it, save it, send it. Pinterest! What to make for dinner that night? I’m feeling like chicken – look up chicken recipes and there you have it! Need ideas for a funny graphic tee? Pinterest! This is my catch all!

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3. The necessities. I know this is boring, but there are some necessities! So with this I’ll lump in my necessities that are standard – the app store (I am a tech nerd, I check for updates daily!), the weather app, banking app, camera, YouTube, and Google. I feel like all of those are a given and I pass no judgment based on those.

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4. Calendar. I run my life by the calendar app! I schedule in any and all appointments and make sure to set the alarms to remind me of them. I also schedule in any and everyone’s birthdays with an alarm on them, makes me look super thoughtful and like I remember everything. Finally I love it for the integration from my email, let’s say I order tickets to a concert, and in the email confirmation will be a tiny pop up asking if I want to store the event on my calendar, which of course I do!

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5. Taco Bell. Now judge away, but almost every fast food place of your choosing now has an app, where you can go online, place your order in advance, and you just show up and pick it up. My food venture of choice is Taco Bell, it’s close, it’s quick, and seems to come to mind every Taco Tuesday!

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6. Pandora. I am a firm believer that there is a song or a playlist for every moment of every day. I find so many boring tasks are so much more fun with the right soundtrack to it. Pandora is always good to have an option for me of whatever I am feeling like in that moment!

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7. Portal Quest. I fully understand this one doesn’t make me more efficient or make me look good to anyone. However, this is a game that is has kept me occupied when I have the spare time or is any easy on or to just check in and go. Everyone has a game they need on their phone, this one happens to be mine (I have a few, but this is my favorite right now.

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8. Notepad. I know what you’re thinking, this is definitely a standard necessity, but the way I use it makes it so much more! At any case in time, I have my grocery list, a list of quotes I’ve heard that I liked and want to save, a reminder list of something I want to do later on, and then usually a list of ideas for this exact blog!

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9. Amazon. This is a semi-new discovery for me but was life changing. I can order any thing I need that amazon carries right from my phone. I know, to some of you this is old news, but until you’re stuck at the DMV and remember that you need to order a present for your favorite uncle for that weekend, and you’re able to do it right there on your phone, you don’t fully appreciate it!

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10. Shazam. This is one of my first apps I ever needed and it still to this day is my go to! Out with friends and hear a song you really like, but have no clue who it’s by? Shazam! In the car with some friends and you hear an amazing throw back but you can’t remember who it was? Shazam! Heard your favorite song but can’t figure out that one lyric? Shazam! (most of them have a lyrics option).

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Honorable mentions: Netflix, Hulu, Discord, Grubhub, MyFitnessPal, ESPN, and all of the other social media apps. As I started this, everyone will have their different set of what they need on their phone, this just give you insight into mine!

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