In an age when kids are being raised on iPads and tablets from the moment they leave the womb, it seems our children are becoming more acontent filter block Content Filter Content filtering: Keeping your family and business safe 1472638388 777f8d25f7nd more tech savvy by the day. So how do we keep our kids safe, our online wallets out of their hands and keep the evils of the internet away from them? Web content filtering, a service once primarily only used by companies to keep employees off sites such as social media,is quickly integrating into homes and becoming a helping hand to busy parents.


So what is web content filtering? It’s a service companies and individuals use to restrict websites that users can visit on their network. Examples of  content range from potentially malicious sites and social media sites, to not-safe-for-work or age inappropriate sites. Generally, the network administrator is able to choose individual websites or a variety of categories to block which encompasses billions of websites. Once blocked, these sites become blacklisted and cannot be visited by certain users. On the other end of the scale, administrators can white list web pages which will allow these sites to always be visited, regardless of if they’re categorized as blocked. Often, web filtering services come with a feature which that gives administrators the ability to see what user tried to access the blocked web page and at what time.

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So what happens when you or your social media team needs to check their news feed or twitter account? Many services allow bypass privileges that can be given to users which will allow them to visit sites that are blocked for other users. This privilege can be granted in an all access, single site access or password protected type of fashion.



 Some web content filtering services allow you to customize what the user will see when they try to visit a blocked page, which can open a dialog between parents and kids, via displayed messages detailing why a specific website may be blocked.  You can even set up certain times when users can access specific content to keep them focused on the designated t asks you want them doing at that time.


Thinking you may want to use the content filtering service for more than just your computers? Many companies offer this service for phones, tablets, gaming consoles, the app and play store, and more. Some can filter and even block TV and streaming services, music websites, specific or general Youtube content, and iTunes downloads if the administrator deems them inappropriate.


Some web content filtering services also offer phishing protection by preventing websites from loading, if they are known to be a possible phishing site. This can immediately help save you not only money, but the massive headache identity theft and online bank theft these sites often lead to.


Whether you are a parent wanting to protect your babies or a CEO at a corporation and want your employees to stay on task, web content filtering is a great service that fits the bill. Still confused about what content filtering is able to do, or are you just ready to pull the trigger and sign up? Contact us at Onesupport and we can guide you through the entire process painlessly and effortlessly.