Wanna Cry Virus Infects the Whole World wannacry

Monday, companies across the globe woke up to find they were under attack. A virus known as “Wanna Cry” started infecting computers before the weekend, but many did not find out until they started trying to open files with the start of the work week. More than 300,000 systems have been infected in over 150 countries around the world.

Systems at British Hospitals, Germany’s national railway, Spain’s biggest phone company and even Fed Ex in the United States have been victimized by the virus that demands corporations and individuals pay a ransom to regain files that have been encrypted by the attacker.

Whether it’s your home computer with family photos, or your work computer holding serious files, ransomware poses a huge threat, unless you take steps to protect yourself before your machine becomes infected. The cyber-attack that is forcing users to pay up or risk their data being erased is far from over. Security officials say a second-wave of so-called ransomware could freeze even more computers as people return to work throughout the week.

Wanna Cry Virus Infects the Whole World winxp

The two biggest recommendations we have to prevent yourself from experiencing harm by ransomware are to not use old operating systems (such as Windows XP) and to make sure to back up all of your data in one form or another.

Wanna Cry Virus Infects the Whole World backup yo data

It’s a little hard to believe, but unsupported operating systems on office computers could put your data at risk. Consider splashing out for a copy of something more stable. Additionally, you want to make sure that you are backing up all of your important information. You can do this via regular hard drive backups, or through a subscription to cloud services. Almost all ransomware can be avoided with regular backups. I know it’s sometimes more complicated than simply attaching a drive to your computer, but I’m absolutely certain you would have 100% fewer ransomware problems if you’re able to restore from backup at the first sign of trouble. Considering hard drives are now inexpensive, and the software is quite easy to use, I encourage everyone to give it a try!Wanna Cry Virus Infects the Whole World one support logo white

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that OneSupport.com can help you stay proactive in the fight against ransomware. Our advanced technicians have the capability to help secure your data as well as correct issues after they arise. Make sure to check out www.OneSupport.com for more information on how we can help you, and your computer, stay protected!