If you have an active interest in technology, I’m sure you know of twitch, where gamers can go watch other gamers stream, joke around, learn some tips and make new friends. That’s all I thought it was until this weekend, but then I was schooled, and now I am obsessed! Not only can you find people streaming all of the newest coolest games and learn from them, but there’s also other categories such as positivity, painting, food, game development, illustrations, and music.

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I spent hours looking over channel after channel and meeting so many new people. Not only did I get to check out someone streaming the Friday the 13th game I mentioned wanting to check out the other day (side note it’s amazing and I need more now). Getting to preview a game, hearing reviews by someone actually playing it, watching the graphics live, and learning what to do from someone with experience in it is awesome. Not to mention if it’s a co-op game and you find others playing it, boom – people to play with!

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Then we move into all of the amazing other things you can find. In my searching I found a new recipe, new music, some streaming about E3, and painting. Each stream having someone showing their specialty in said subject, others who were interested in it, and tips and tricks. So really, a little something for everyone and a surrounding of people who are also interested in whatever has struck your fancy in that moment.

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While I was browsing all of the different subjects and steams something caught my eye – TwitchCon 2017, and I needed to know more, so I followed! I needed to know what kind of convention could celebrate something that covered so many different topics, so I researched, and right away found my answer.
From the most established streamers, to those brand new to the scene, to the viewers, chatters, & emote spammers, we’ve all had a hand in creating something special. TwitchCon is a celebration of those stories and a showcase for the creators who will write the next chapters. Join us for a glorious weekend-long journey through the personalities, games, and groups that make Twitch, Twitch.” – TwitchCon.com

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So much in the online gaming and social media world, you can make some great friends in different states and countries, and what a better place to gather together and celebrate things the excite you. Gathering and meeting friends from around the world to celebrate the things that brought you together.

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If you haven’t explored Twitch yet, I highly suggest you check it out, I’ve already found myself browsing for hours instead of watching TV and learning so many new things already. Now I’d love to tell you more, but I just found a stream teaching me how to play the drums, so I have to go.

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