The Virtual Desktop Reaches the Masses! vr blog 2

In today’s business environment, many workers are using multiple screens for efficiency and multitasking capabilities. It is not uncommon to see an executive with two or even three screens in their office setup to manage communication, emails, documents, contracts etc. With the Virtual Desktop coming to the market, the possibility of unlimited and customized screens has finally been created for virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus and Vive.

The Virtual Desktop Reaches the Masses! vrblog1

This add-on helps extend your computer and headset with an array of options such as multiple side-by-side digital screens, where as your head turns from left to right, you can focus on each screen directly. Alternatively, as a consumer, I would like to see how else the extension can benefit consumers personal lives. Virtual Desktop has again thought ahead and created a truly unique movie theater experience by putting the consumer in the single chair of a movie theater. Ever wanted to have your own VIP area without any talkers/texters, crying babies or people getting up and sitting back down? Then this may be the extension for you, as it enables users to use their own chair that exists in the office or at home, and gives the user the ability to recline in the comfort of their own area and experience this exciting engagement without any lines or expensive snacks. (Yes, $8.00 for a medium popcorn and another $7.00 for a medium coke still angers me every time!)

Virtual Desktop also allows you to customize depth, screen size, distance, curved screen or regular and even transparency. The floating options enable users to view above or below the horizon. Multi-monitor setups will also give users a variety of environments such as beautiful starlit galaxies, planets and space, sunny beach side view or clouds on the horizon. Users also have the ability to create your own 360 panorama environments to your own liking. Any video player can be used on this platform, giving you again 100% freedom to use as you prefer. Popular sites to stream inside Virtual Desktop include Netflix, Hulu and Plex. And finally, do you remember the late 90’s and early 2000’s when visualization plugs were the IN thing to do while listening to music? Well that nostalgic experience has come back to life and you can experience it in true virtual reality with any source or song while floating around in your preferred or custom visualization!

While Virtual Desktop has been around for just over a year now, the customization settings and use cases are truly endless whether you are a business professional, music listener or entertainment seeker. For the small price of $14.99, or a medium coke and popcorn, you get unlimited and full customization access to their tool and latest updates. I know I can’t wait to upload my own panoramic environment from the beaches of St. Lucia and use this in both my work and personal day.