Lets flash to Forward, a new startup that is tired of the industry being reactive to consumers. They are changing the way you think and measure your health by focusing on being preventative. For $149 a month, you get unlimited access to treatment sessions in their new office that is nestled in San Francisco’s growing financial district.

Upon checking in, you walk up and sign in on the iPad for the initial check-in. The Forward team states that on the iPad you see your “playlist.” This is basically like your baseline for health. The first step to this baseline is your body scanner. You place your hand on the pad and then two fingers into the scanner that measures your heart rate, as well as your pulse height, pulse oximetry, weight and other baseline information. This information is then immediately sent to your doctor in the exam room as well as to your phone for your records. From there you move to step two, getting your blood withdrawn. This is the really cool part. Forward has developed a technology using near infrared light that enables the bloods components to be analyzed without the needles.  All of this information is curated so that you and your doctor can review your recent focuses and improvements from your last session.

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Because there are no co-pays, insurance companies or hidden fees, you are not afraid to engage your health. Forward has three main goals at this time. The startup wants to build more locations and become more accessible to more people. Second, they want to increase their services. Currently, services include, vaccines, women’s health and primary care. Lastly, Forward wants to make their services more accessible by using technology to reduce inefficiencies which will allow them to lower the cost. Forward helps become your go-to to stay up-to-date all month long with your own team of health professionals. If we look at the cost for a full year of Forward, at $149/month, we respectively get $1,788. Although the price tag remains substantially high, other women’s health, fitness analyzers and mobile app improvements are continuing to be developed every day for the end-user to see value. One thing is for certain — I am looking forward to Forward. Are you?