We all know that technology can make life more convenient, but it’s also import to point out that technology can be used to save you money. That’s right. Technology can save you money. With everything from online, surveys, special apps, and more, it’s never been more budget friendly to be a tech person. Last I checked most of the population always wishes they could save a little money, and I’ve figured out how.

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Before I bust in to my top 5 favorite ways to save money using technology, I will say being safe is super important. A lot of these will involve using sites you don’t usually use or clicking on links, and you want to make sure your tech devices are safe to do the savings!

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1. Survey sites – I usually find myself with some down time at some point in my day, and that’s when I stumbled upon Swagbucks. This site lets you earn points towards gift cards to Amazon, Paypal, and tons of retailers just by completing a bevy of different activities. For me, watching the videos and completing surveys is how I earn most of my points. If you shop online at all, check out their page. You can earn points just from that, with certain retailers even offering double and triple points. It’s super easy to earn gift cards to help with bills, afford a date night, or save for something on your wish list.

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2. Loyalty Apps – We’ve all been there, you go to the cash register at a store, and as you go to check out “Do you have our rewards program?” I used to dread this until I gave in once and signed up for one, and I got a discount and even some special sales. A lot of places have their own apps with online coupon options that you can use at the register, or even order online. This is definitely an easy option for anyone has a few minutes to scope out the app before they head to the store.

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3. Coupons.com – Who doesn’t love some good old fashioned coupon clipping? But now it is about a hundred times easier, you can sort by what you need, only select what you want, and print at home. You will want to make sure the store you’ll be shopping at uses online coupons, but that’s almost anywhere in this day and age. Once you become a major league couponer, you can team digital coupons on your phone with paper printed coupons from coupons.com – Goals people!

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4. Joining memberships with emailed coupons – I went out to a new restaurant a few years ago, and enjoyed an amazing dinner. While I was debating on dessert, I saw this little sign on the table stating if you join their club you get a free dessert. Seemed too easy and too good to be true, but I busted out my phone, filled out about about 10 questions, and then I got the free dessert. Didn’t give it much thought until my birthday rolled around, and I received an email for another free dessert. What I figured out from this is sign up for all the clubs, you get occasional discounts, specials, and your birthday month is glorious!

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5. Shopping online. – This will probably be the form of money saving technology people are most familiar with. Thanks to Google, you can price comparison shop for anything and everything you can think of. There’s also multiple sites dedicated to finding the most recent coupon codes for whatever site you are shopping on. Then there’s the old stand by of Amazon.com which now carries everything and can have it to you in 1-2 days (in some cities within hours). Now that’s technology that saves you money!

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I know not all of these will work best for everyone, but these are my five go to ways to save money with my technology, test it out and see what works best for you. Happy Savings!

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