I know there are a lot of moms out there, like myself, who aren’t tech experts but enjoy new updates and gadgets. I wouldn’t describe myself as “techy” but I also wouldn’t say that I’m completely unsavvy. I’m in the middle ground (like most of the moms I know) of tech knowledge. I know enough to know what I want but still find myself constantly asking other people for advice or tips (meanwhile, my kids have become tech geniuses). So I’ve decided to take that advice and those tips and share them with you! Tech Tips for Mom will be a frequent feature on our blog. 

Its Summertime, the kids are home from school and they’re constantly bored. In my house boredom usually leads to messing with mom’s stuff. The 4-year-old sure likes all the “clicky” sounds that computer makes while mom is working. The 6-year-old wants to watch unboxing videos on youtube, and the 8-year-old is desperate to download games to play. Next thing you know it’s become impossible to get any work done. What now?

There are things you can do, proactively, to stop the madness.

Consider settings up a kids profile on the computer and making yourself the administrator, and requiring an admin password for any downloads on the other profiles. This will make it so your kids have to come to you before addingkids kids Tech Tips for Mom: The Kids are Home for Summer password 866981 1920 anything to your computer. This greatly reduces the chances that your kids will download something malicious. Setting up additional profiles is pretty simple, but it will vary depending on the version of windows or mac that you’re running. Ask your favorite tech-savvy family member, friend, or give OneSupport a call.

Youtube kids is a great way to help ensure that your kids aren’t getting into videos you wouldn’t want them to see. You can download the app to your phone and devices via the app store or google play. It allows you to set up to 8 different kids profiles kids kids Tech Tips for Mom: The Kids are Home for Summer minecraft 1578075 1920and even lets you track what they’re watching, along with so many other parent-friendly features including time limits. Kids love Youtube and I love knowing that mine won’t be exposed to things I don’t want them to watch. Your kids can watch on a browser or you can download the app to your devices through the app store and the play store (free of course). This way when your kids are watching Minecraft videos, you know they the content they’ll view is safe. 

As far as the “clicky” noises (as my son describes it) from the keyboard, I remember being in awe of the way my mom could type when I was growing up. I would put on fake nails (usually Bugles or pieces to a board game whose name escapes me) and pretend to type very important documents on cardboard boxes. If you have an old keyboardkids kids Tech Tips for Mom: The Kids are Home for Summer letters 2187262 1920 lying around or a laptop that is outdated or beyond repair, give it your little one to play with. It will help keep them off yours. 

Bottom line is that technology is going to continue to grow and evolve and sometimes, as a parent, that can be frightening. I’m constantly trying to find ways to help my kids use technology to learn and keep up with it so they’ll be prepared later in life but I also want to keep them safe.

If you need help with any of these tips (or any other tech issues), give us a call at 844-417-8776. Oh, and one more thing, if your kids are anything like mine, it seems like they always need something as soon as you’re on the phone. Well, we’ve got you covered. Go to OneSupport.com/connect and you can live chat with one of our techs 24/7. We’re just a call or a click away.