svchost svchost svchost.exe Causing Maximum CPU Usage svchostMany Windows users have noticed that their Computer Processing Unit (CPU) activity has increased since upgrading to Windows 8 and 8.1. With all the recent upgrades to Windows 8 and 8.1 users, have started to notice a rise in their CPU usage, some reaching 100% causing the machine to crash, or freeze. Svchost.exe, an obscure file read as Service Host, may be the culprit behind this issue. Service Host is an executable file (as indicated by the “exe”), which has a very specific function: To host other individual services that your Windows Computer Uses to perform various different functions. Many have reported that svchost.exe consumes processor cycles it doesn’t need. This could be the result of a few different factors.

There are viruses out there that will disguise themselves as a svchost.exe file in order to slow down, crash, or even freeze your computer. These viruses disguise their filenames, knowing most users have come across the actual file and are unlikely to recognize it as malware. “Computers are a little bit like cars: you gotta get the oil changed every once in a while”, said One Support manager and IT pro Nathan Walker when broached on the topic. “The single quickest way to make sure your computer’s resources aren’t being hijacked by rogue programs is to simply run a virus scan regularly.” If your virus scan comes back clean, it’s usually safe to rule out the possibility of a virus consuming your CPU.

Currently, every Windows Computer has Universal Plug and Play (uPNP) which scans your home network for compatible devices. Occasionally uPNP can get a little excited and go haywire, causing svchost.ece to use as much computer jet fuel as it can get its hands on. There are several apps and programs that will install services that cause svchost.exe to go off the wagon with CPU usage, the most common being anti-virus apps, backup apps and network utilities.

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Keep in mind, periodic spikes in CPU usage by svchost.exe is normal. If you begin to notice these periodic spikes increasing in intensity and numbers, you may want to start investigating. Before bashing your head against the keyboard and/or throwing your computer out of the window, seek professional help. No, I am not talking about your therapist, but someone more like a tech support professional. As it happens we here at OneSupport exist solely to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are only a phone call or mouse click away. We can even fix it while you sleep soundly in bed or enjoy that well deserved beer after a long day at work. Call us today at 1-844-4-1-SUPPORT.