All the kids are home from school, your parents are coming to visit and you’re trying to be productive (or maybe you just want to watch soap cutting videos on Instagram) but the internet doesn’t seem to want to budge. You’re experiencing slow speeds. There are just too many devices running at once and they’re eating up all your bandwidth. Even though you might have your provider’s best speed package, that many people can slow you down. 

In my house, we have 3 computers, two Tivo boxes, two phones, two Xboxes, an Ipad, two DSs, and 5 people using them. We’re consuming massive amounts of data at once.

When my parents come to visit, they bring another computer, two Ipads, and two more phones. All of these devices are competing for a connection and most of them are using the wireless which will already be slower. Think of it this like cars on a highway. You might be on a 4 lane highway but the more cars you add to it, the more its going to slow down, it’s the same with devices on the internet, so what can you do?

For starters, turn the wifi off! I don’t mean on your router, I mean on some of the devices. Are you really using your tablet, phone, and game console at the same time? Turning off the connection can stop it from running in the background and eating up some of your bandwidth. It might even save you some battery on your phone, computer, or tablet.speeds Summer Slow Down: Combating Slow Speeds ipad 820272 1920

Some routers will let you monitor your devices, allowing you to see which devices are using the most bandwidth.

Another thing you can try when your speeds are slow, power-cycle your router. This simply means unplug it from the power for about 15 seconds, then plug it back it and let it boot up. Restarting devices (not just routers) helps them reset, it’s sort of like giving your electronics a nap.

Lastly, if you notice that only one of two of your devices are running slowly, it might not be your speeds. If everyone else in the house is able to connect with no issues but your computer, phone, or tablet isn’t connecting or it is but it’s running slow, it’s probably a device issue, we’re here to help!

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