One of the most important decisions you’ll make in today’s society will be which smartphone to purchase. In most cases, you’ll spend more time using your cell phone than your car, and the experience the device provides you during that time varies from device to device and can make a big difference. To help with your next smartphone purchase, here are my rankings for the best smartphones on the market:

3: Google Pixel XL

smartphone smartphone Smartphone rankings Google Marlin Silver

The updated Pixel is an excellent device, featuring one of the longest battery lives in smartphone history, 3450 mAh, which is more than 10% better than either of the other two devices on this list, so you won’t have to worry about your device dying at the wrong time, leaving you stranded, or worse, bored. One of the best cameras on the market as well, this phone will stay with you all summer and will help you capture all those unforgettable moments with your friends. The phone also features Google Assistant, which has been quite useful so far.

2: iPhone 7 Plus

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The best offering from Apple, a longtime monarch of the smartphone industry, finds its place at #2 on this list. This device being waterproof was excellent news for me, as I have a penchant for leaving devices in my pocket while doing things like swimming, or washing clothing. I’ve ruined many a device that way, but will be safe with this new version. One of the biggest negatives being talked about with this phone is the lack of a natural headphone jack. Obviously the device is Bluetooth capable, and you can use an adapter, but it can’t be spun as anything but a negative. You can’t charge the device and listen to the headphones which makes it bulky for times when you’re around people. The second camera on the back, however, and general quality of the device itself still earns it this place on the list. Having sunk a TON of money and time into curating my personal iTunes library, this will likely be the device I purchase when my old 6 goes out soon.

1. Samsung Galaxy S8.

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The S8 earns the top spot on my list, to no one’s surprise. The device has a massive 5.8 inch display, the best resolution on the market, a pretty impressive battery life, and all the flexibility and customization you’ve come to expect with the Android operating system. Add in the standard 64 GB storage, a camera that’s competitive with anything else on the market, and we’ve got a powerhouse. The fingerprint censor has been pretty widely panned, but the technology is on the rise and should have the bugs worked out fairly soon. I’ll probably spend a bunch of time testing out an S8 in the future, just to get a look at that amazing screen.

That’s all for now, let me know in the comments which devices are your favorite and why!