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We have all been there. It’s raining outside and pesky cheap umbrellas just don’t do the trick. Either the wind takes it away or its too difficult to open or close. With or without an umbrella were getting soaked all year long! Not anymore! Thanks to Shedrain‘s automatic and unique design customers no longer have to worry about getting wet in the rain. The automatic umbrella opens and closes quickly with the push of a button so you’re never getting soaked. The chargeable umbrella lasts up to 150 uses before it needs to be recharged, that means you should only have to charge it once a year. Shedrain offers a plethora of design options as well as many different styles and sizes for all different kinds of people and it comes with a lifetime warranty!

I know what you’re all thinking, this seems like a simple enough product but its probably really expensive. Prices on the product vary in range based on design and size. Shedrain products can be priced anywhere from $12-$40. The fast drying fabric will dry in minutes after any storm so that carrying the product in your purse or with your luggage does not become a hassle. The canopy doesn’t flip inside out easily when force is applied to the spokes, so this umbrella should be fine on a breezy day. However, it may be too heavy to carry around all day.

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With all the rain Texas has seen lately we could all use a reliable and sturdy umbrella to keep us warm and dry throughout the storms that pass. Shedrain is a great product that I would recommend to anyone who is looking to make sure to skip the storms this Spring.