By now we all know I love back to school supplies and a bargain. Let’s combine both and I’ll share some of my favorite money saving tips for how to buy the laptop of your choice. In my last post I gave you a few options of the best laptops to buy, now I will go into how to save money once you pick exactly what you want.

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Where to Buy:
Anywhere you look right now you can find every back to school sale imaginable, so it can be overwhelming to know where really has the best deals. That’s why you have me! In all of my research and comparing I have personally found the best sales were either with Newegg, Best Buy, Amazon, and WalMart. Keep an eye out and compare, it also helps to have a good idea on exactly what you want going into it, so you aren’t overbuying.

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When to Shop:
I am convinced the back to school ads and sales honestly start in May, and I think it’s just to remind us we have to go back to school, however the best sales actually hit in August! There will be some good ones in September and July but August is the cream of the crop. Also be sure to keep an eye out because most retailers will have an amazing Labor Day sale.

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Discounts and Deals:
This is an inside tip, so be sure to keep it our little secret, but students will get discounts at most retailers. Amazon, Best Buy, Dell Home, Apple, and the Microsoft store are constantly extending special prices and deals to anyone with a valid .edu email address. Always look into any promotional codes, sales, and discounts anywhere you go. The more you know the better you can snag a deal!

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The Secret to Mac Savings:
Most will assume the best place to get your savings on Apple product would be the apple store, but it’s not! Last year it was proven that Best Buy was offering a better price for new Apple products compared to what Apple was offering for a refurbished product. Amazon and Newegg aren’t far behind though with sales making a lot of Mac purchases cheaper than going through Apple directly.

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Trade Ins aren’t just for cars:
Majority of people are simply looking to upgrade what they already have, but most people have no idea you can trade in your current device for money towards something new and improved of their choosing. Microsoft and Best Buy both offer programs where you can trade in your previous system towards money towards a new machine.

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Finally, you want to make sure to protect whatever you choose to buy, it’s much cheaper to cover some monthly technical support for preventative measures versus having to buy a whole new computer. In the spirit of back to school savings, OneSupport is running a special promotional code of Back2School to waive the sign up fees for the One Support monthly technical support services. Also a good idea to add One Security for just $5.00 extra a month to have a great anti-virus on there and stay protected. So give us a call at (844) 417-8776 and be sure to mention Back2School for your savings today!!!

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