I’m an avid Amazon user because they have just about everything you could ever want to buy  (a lot of times at better prices than other retailers) and with Prime, I get free shipping on so many items. So I’m very excited that Amazon Prime Day is upon us again! I’ve polled our agents and brought you some of the great deals they picked up previous years and what great deals they’re looking forward to this year.

“Last year I bought gag gifts for a friends birthday and a couple awesome things for Christmas gag gifts. I am currently looking into a few items. A new TV, headset for work, and possibly a new mouse.” -Todd M.

“I haven’t participated in previous years but I’m looking for Amazon cloud cam security cameras and Kenmore appliances” -Molly U.

“I’m looking forward to tools being on sale. I’m trying to find my husband a nail gun so he can build onto our house, doing it ourselves. I buy all his big tools and this added tool will make his future a lot more comfortable and his arm a lot less sore. Last year I found him a 3 tier toolbox on wheels and added some tools to his collection. Looks like I might have to get him another one for his garage he will build, so I am on the lookout.” -Krystle H.

“I got an Asus monitor for super cheap, 3+ years still going strong. This year I’m buying a really long ethernet cable of good quality for a lower price because my dogs run around the house and it gets a lot of wear and tear.” -Adolfo R.

“School supplies and some college textbooks go on sale and I’m always looking for those.” -Guadalupe E

For more information, Amazon has a Prime Day guide page set up with some really helpful tips for making the most of the deals. Remember you have to be a Prime member to take advantage of savings but Amazon is offering free trials of the membership. Prime Day deals go live at 3 p.m. eastern time on Monday, July 16, 2018. Happy hunting!

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