The National Weather Service has already predicted another above-average hurricane season for 2018. After the devastation of last year’s three massive storms that made landfall, many are planning ahead just in case. You may want to take into consideration that special care needs to be taken when packing up electronics, so here are some tips for moving electronics safely:

Preparing for Moving Electronics

Disconnect your cords from their devices. It might seem like a time-saver to leave the cords connected to their devices but this could lead to cords being damaged while packing. Replacing cords for electronics can be costly and frustrating so do yourself a favor and pack them neatly away. On electronics that you’re leaving behind, disconnecting the cords could help prevent a power surge from frying your electronics as well. 


Wrap cords with tape (any tape you have will likely work) labeled with the device they go to. This will make reconnecting all of your devices much more simple. You won’t have to fight to untangle your cords and you’ll know exactly where they go. Wrap your cords in a figure-8 or loop, not too tightly, tape, and leave yourself a “flag” of tape to use as a label. You’ll easily be able to find each cord. This will make setting them back up easier. 

Wrap PC towers, monitors, TVs, and large electronics in towels and blankets to pad them from the bumps on the road. While one blanket wrapped around your monitor or TV won’t fully protect against falling objects, it will help keep your screen from getting scratched. Added bonus: you’ll have towels and blankets with you wherever you end up! 

Packing Electronics In the Car

Pack your car mindfully. When you’re trying to get as much as possible into your vehicle it can feel like a game of Tetris. Often we want to put the computer on top so it isn’t crushed but if you place electronics carefully between other, stable items, you could minimize the risk of expensive electronics sliding around. This way if someone opens the back hatch, you don’t have to worry about something expensive hitting the ground.



Slide game consoles under the seat. They’re all pretty much the perfect size to fit under your front seats. This will free up some space in the back and keep your passengers’ feet off of them.

Pack laptops and tablets in your suitcase between layers of clothing for an easy shock absorbing layer on all sides. It won’t take up that much space in your case and it will really minimize the number of bounces and bumps your device sustains.

Let your kids hang onto (and use) your devices. Listen, the reality is you’re going to be on the road for a while. If you’ve got kids in the back seat, they’re probably going to be stressed and bored. Give them your laptop, iPad, phone etc. this way your electronics are safe, kids are entertained, and you can focus on the road.

You Can’t Take Them All with You

Vacuum sealed bags could help keep the moisture out. You’ve seen those commercials where the woman takes the stack of blankets and put them in the vacuum sealed storage bags then shoves them under her bed. Some things may just not be a priority to load up in the car. These bags could be a great solution for keeping things dry at a nominal cost compared to the replacement cost. Place electronics on your countertops. Appliances and furniture float and could overturn.


Remember, when you get where you’re going, we’ll be here ready to help you set those gadgets back up and get back to your day-to-day. We’re here 24/7, give us a call at 844-818-3415 or visit us online at and remember we’re always just a call or a click away.