Anthony Herrera


Anthony Herrera is the CEO and President of teleNetwork and has been the driving force behind the company’s success. Anthony founded the business in 1993 to serve as a level one technical support call center for Dell Computer. He manages the OneSupport leadership.

In the years following, Anthony expanded teleNetwork’s service offerings to include Internet technical support and help desk support for enterprise applications. Today, teleNetwork provides support and care to over 25 million end users.

Prior to founding teleNetwork, Anthony served in various leadership positions for Southwestern Bell and AT&T, two of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. As a Regional Sales Manager for Datapoint Corporation, Anthony’s team grew revenues to record levels. Anthony also served as an Account Manager for both Davox and Memorex Telex. He next served as General Manager for CenturyTel and Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems.

Anthony was a founding Director of TEXALTEL and member of the Texas Association of Internet Service Providers. As President and the largest stockholder of Sentry Offsite Storage, Anthony sold the company in 1999 to Iron Mountain, a publicly-held offsite storage company.

Anthony Herrera earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from the University of Texas Permian Basin. With over 40 years of experience, he has molded teleNetwork into a leading provider of outsourced customer service and technical support services.

Jill Herrera


Jill Herrera serves as teleNetwork’s Chief Financial Officer. Jill has held this position since 1994. Through Jill’s guidance, teleNetwork has achieved significant profitability by making critical financial decisions that are vital to the financial success of teleNetwork.

Prior to joining teleNetwork, Jill held various management positions in the Small Business and Enterprise divisions for Southwestern Bell. Jill served Southwestern Bell as Service Order Supervisor, Training Supervisor, Business Office Supervisor, and Manager for Unit and Teller divisions.

Jill’s determination and ambition led to her success at Southwestern Bell. After her time there, Jill held positions with CompData, San Marcos Telephone Company, and CenturyTel Telephone Company.

Jill Herrera earned her bachelor’s degree from Southwest Texas State University in history. She has been recognized for her exceptional leadership and management capabilities throughout her career, which makes her a perfect fit for teleNetwork.

George Yang


George Yang serves as the Chief Technical Officer for teleNetwork. George has been with the company since 1993 when the company was founded. He has proven to be a vital part of teleNetwork’s growth, leveraging his expertise in tactical and strategic decision making for the company’s technology direction. His responsibilities include overseeing applications, systems, and telecommunications infrastructure.

George has had great success in the development, maintenance, and enhancement of the company’s internal systems, including the CRM toolset, the company’s ACD front end, and a fully-scalable and customizable web-based reporting engine utilized for monitoring the performance of the company’s call center facilities. This is done in conjunction with teleNetwork’s service level performance requirements for each client.

Under George’s leadership, teleNetwork’s information technology and development teams have grown at an exponential rate. George has overseen teleNetwork’s transformation from a small regional company into a global leader in the outsourcing business. His dedication to the development and enhancement of the company’s IT, security, and applications infrastructure is a reflection of mandatory standards and best practices used to support teleNetwork’s clients.

George Yang attended the University of Texas at Austin where he pursued a degree in computer science. When he became bored with that, he became teleNetwork’s CTO.

Roger Martin

Vice President of Operations Roger Martin serves as Vice President of Operations at teleNetwork. He began his career with teleNetwork in 2002. His responsibilities include overseeing technical support operations for high-speed Internet, IPTV, and voice services for the third largest telephone company in the United States. Roger has created an efficient, scalable operational model to enable the delivery of customer-focused support. He is responsible for managing the company’s largest call center facility and leads the management team on a day-to-day basis. Roger has managed many client relationships that have always exceeded client expectations. Prior to joining teleNetwork, Roger Martin held various leadership positions for several Fortune 500 and Fortune 2000 companies, including Motorola, Dell, Stream International, and CompuCom. His experience has given him great operational management experience as demonstrated by the effectiveness of his leadership.

Ryan Lommel

Vice President of Operations

Ryan Lommel serves as Vice President of Operations for Technical Support Services and Managed Services at teleNetwork. Ryan began his tenure with teleNetwork in 2003 as a member of the technical support team. His responsibilities include overseeing day-to-day technical support operations for the nation’s fifth largest telephone company and overseeing help desk operations for teleNetwork’s Managed Services business unit.

Ryan’s focus on process analysis and refinement have led to the development and implementation of sustainable support processes that maximize customer satisfaction. This highly-aligned approach has helped Ryan’s team execute successful customer support campaigns for the company’s clients

Prior to teleNetwork, Ryan worked extensively in customer service and operations with Clubcorp, the world leader in private golf and country clubs. During his time at teleNetwork, Ryan worked directly on the call center floor while completing his degree. Ryan became a member of teleNetwork’s supervisory and project management team in 2004. He brings a unique perspective to the executive management team as a result of his experience.

Ryan Lommel holds a B.A. in Economics and a B.A. in German from the University of Texas at Austin.

Jessy Riley

Vice President of Finance

Jessy Riley serves as teleNetwork’s Vice President of Finance. Jessy began working at teleNetwork in 2006. In her role, she is responsible for the accounting operations of the company, including the production of periodic financial reports, maintenance of an adequate system of accounting records, and a comprehensive set of controls and budgets. Her work is designed to mitigate risk, enhance the accuracy of the company’s reported financial results, and ensure that reported results comply with financial reporting standards.

Prior to holding the position of Vice President of Finance, Jessy was teleNetwork’s Controller and previously held the position of Director of Sales and Marketing.

Jessy Riley graduated from Texas Tech University with a B.A. in Communication Studies with a minor in Marketing. She was also a member of Texas Tech’s volleyball team and lettered from 2001 – 2004.

Andrew McEwen

Vice President of Operations

Andrew McEwen serves as Vice President of Operations for Technical Support Services at teleNetwork. He started with teleNetwork in May of 2003 and has since contributed to the overall growth and success of the company. His responsibilities include overseeing day-to-day technical support operations, leading the front-line management team, and ensuring the delivery of quality service and support across a number of strategic accounts.

Andrew’s primary focus is on optimizing efficiency and improving scalability across the company’s operations. He has developed and implemented many of the management tools and tactics used company-wide to improve productivity and the customer experience. Andrew makes it a priority to pass his unique approach to problem-solving and devotion on to his management team. As a result, Andrew’s team consists of strong, innovative, and highly-motivated individuals ready to lead teleNetwork into the future.

Prior to teleNetwork, Andrew worked as a Network Administrator for M2K, an advertising company, developing the technical and organizational skills he uses today. Andrew started in an entry-level position taking calls on the floor at teleNetwork while in college, and he quickly became a member of teleNetwork’s Team Leader staff while working concurrently to finish his studies.

Andrew McEwen graduated from Texas State University in 2006 with a B.A. in Business and became a member of teleNetwork’s executive team shortly thereafter.

Nick Riley

Vice President of Recruiting and Training

Nick Riley serves as Vice President of Training and Recruiting at teleNetwork. He began working with the company in June 2008, and he has contributed to the overall growth and success of the company.

His responsibilities include managing training and employee development programs, leading our recruiting department, and managing the day-to-day operations of the recruiting team. Since Nick took over the recruiting team, teleNetwork has more than doubled its employee count while significantly decreasing employee turnover.

Nick also leads teleNetwork’s video operations team with responsibility for IPTV customer service and support. In this role, Nick oversees day-to-day technical support operations, leads the front-line management team, and ensures the delivery of quality service and support for the video products and services of the company’s customers.

Nick Riley graduated from Texas Tech University with a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. Prior to joining teleNetwork, Nick held various sales leadership positions for OFI, a leading provider of workplace products, furnishings, and services.

Raymond Perez

Vice President of Information Systems

Raymond Perez serves as teleNetwork’s Director of Information Systems and has been with the company since 1997. Raymond has prepared teleNetwork for rapid growth by overseeing the development and deployment of systems and applications designed to enable the flow of information through the organization.

Raymond possesses professional leadership skills and the technical expertise to deliver on strategic company objectives. Raymond’s team has been instrumental in building customer-driven computing and telecommunications environments that enable efficient delivery of services to teleNetwork’s clients.

With an extensive background in database management and application development, Raymond Perez has created the necessary tools for each of the company’s employees to provide accurate and proficient service to teleNetwork’s customers. His leadership has been essential to keeping teleNetwork a step ahead of its competitors. Prior to taking the position of Director of Information Systems, he served as Developmental Team Lead.


Carley Brookes

Director of Administration

Carley Brookes is the Director of Administration at teleNetwork. She leads the development, interpretation, and application of Human Resource policies throughout the company. Her responsibilities include human resources, benefits coordination, accounting, clerical support, and compensation. She has been with the company since 2001.

Carley has led a number of company-wide initiatives to build a friendly and comfortable work environment that encourages personal growth, individual excellence, and mutual respect. She strives to foster a sense of family and pride. Her ambition and determination have opened many doors for her team.

With an “employee first” approach to each task that she takes on at teleNetwork, employees know that Carley Brookes will be looking out for their best interests each and every day.

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