Ladies, Never Fear, Beautology is here! lum1

Samsung has been bridging the gap between technology and everyday consumer life with their latest smartphone releases this year. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, respectively, include an array of innovative features such as an infinity screen, a daily schedule learner called Bixby, 360 degree and VR enabled camera with an included language translator, and finally improved Health and Connect apps to sync their new smart home accessories and devices.

Ladies, Never Fear, Beautology is here! lumini3

In 2016, Samsung’s internal incubation team called C-Labs, has developed a new line of skin related products using nanotechnology, LEDs and cameras. Samsung states it is simply a 1-click Beautycare Mate that is aimed at helping you track and rate your exfoliating habits. Some of the latest features include wireless connectivity to your smartphone, facial skin detection, a digital 5 skin analysis, and a before & after makeup analyzer.

In addition to Lumini’s extensive app features, it also includes a remote dermatologist to better assess your everyday skincare regime. This is aimed to help you save time without having to take multiple pictures to upload to the doctors database for final review.

Ladies, Never Fear, Beautology is here! unnamed

To complement the Lumini, Samsung will also be releasing S-Skin, designed as a patch system that reads your skin using LED, micro and nanotechnology. The patches are made up of biodegradable microneedles that understand your direct skin type and surrounding details such as weather and humidity. This data is then transferred back to your smartphone with your skin health based on the recent analysis such as moisture, redness and melanin. Detailed questionnaires allow each user to customize their own habits for easy management. The S-Skin patches also contain unique NFC chips to communicate with your smartphone and personalize each focus point using specific customizations on your patched experience.

In conclusion, Samsung’s latest beauty products, the Lumini and S-Skin patches could be revolutionary to the beauty and cosmetics industry. Samsung’s internal development has continued to spark interest throughout the world as these two particular products have been tested only in Korea so far. With America being such a primary market for cosmetics products, we wonder how long it will take Samsung to announce their big launch here in the US. For now, we will have to simply be patient until we can bring home these “beautology” products.