Hulu has announced to throw its hat into the ring of cord cutting solutions and providers by expanding its service offerings to debut live TV streaming in it’s next release expected to launch in the late Fall of 2017.

Hulu customers will receive additional benefits such as a full database of movies and extensive TV episode releases. However, users are now wondering if they will be be forced into watching commercials within this new offer. The current app has two different subscription options: with commercials priced at $7.99 and without commercials priced at $11.99 respectively.

Other notable competitors in the streaming and cord-cutting service are the Playstation Vue which is priced at $30 per month, Sling TV priced at $20 per month, DirecTV now starting at $30 a month and YouTube TV priced at $35 per month.  Other end users are wondering if ESPN, AMC and Fox Sports will be part of the new Hulu lineup as they can now be found on most of the cord cutting competitors as part of the core channel lineup. Playstation Vue has locked down CBS exclusively and started working on providing local broadcasts and channels in their lineup. Other channels included for DirecTV and Sling TV include ABC, FOX and NBC in limited regions.  

Hulu On Air to be Released this Fall! hulu1

In conclusion, these price points make Hulu one of the more expensive cord cutting options when compared side by side to the other established competitors. Hulu is pricing their new cord cutting streaming service at $39.99 per month. With that being said, we wonder what else Hulu has in store to offer its members and hope that multiple streams could also be an included option with the new release. Other valuable options such as a DVR type feature that includes fast-forwarding through the commercials could also be part of the new rollout, finally giving Hulu customers the true freedom to skip the repetitive sponsored ads found on Hulu.

More updates on this service to be released as Hulu announces them later this summer!