In light of all the recent cybersecurity breaches we all see on the news or on our favorite websites, I think this is the best time to go over some ways to make sure you’re ready for anything that feels off online. For many, the biggest concern is an unknown or unfamiliar pop up. Most pop-ups will present themselves as a well-known tech company. Let’s be honest, we all panic. Our thoughts start racing – maybe the computer is running slower than usual, or there was that funny link I clicked on Facebook last week, or that YouTube video of the dancing baby pig. Let’s go over some signs to look for, and ways to prevent anything from damaging your tech items.

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My first recommendation is always the same to anyone – if there is a phone number in pop-up message DO NOT CALL THAT NUMBER!! If someone online, or a pop up message, tells you to call them, find their number yourself. This way you know for sure who you’re speaking to. If the pop up comes up on your computer, use your smartphone or tablet to Google the number that comes up. Do not call the number unless it comes up as exactly who you’re wanting to be speaking to. If the number doesn’t link to a legitimate business, it’s time to look for a more trustworthy option to help clear this out.

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Let’s skip to worse case scenario — The pop up was really convincing, and you’ve already called and let them into your computer. Deep breath. We can still fix this! The first thing you need to do is to pull the power cord from your modem to temporarily disable your internet. This will disconnect the scammers  During that time, call your trusted tech person to remove the message and start any clean up before any further damage can come about. Don’t have a trusted tech to go to? Give a call, 24/7/265, at (844) 417-8776. 

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There have been other variations of this same scam. For instance, someone will call you and say they received a notification from your computer that something is horribly wrong, and they’ll make this sound terrifying. Again, deep breath! This is not true. In all of my time and research, I’ve never found a technical support company that does any outbound calls, and most tech companies don’t have an idea of your ongoing computer practices. I always suggest asking for their number to call them back, then go back to Google the number. More often than not, the phone number will not lead to whoever they were claiming to be.

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One more tip, just for the record and for good measure, no legitimate technical support company will ever ask you to pay them in prepaid gift cards. I want to be especially clear here, Microsoft would NEVER ask you to pay them in Apple gift cards or the other way around. Most tech companies will ask for a debit or credit card for payment. They won’t need to access your bank account for any reason.

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My final thought is if something feels off, ask questions and do your research! Here at, we are trained professionals and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today at (844) 417-8776 to get help with your tech support needs! 

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