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A couple years back, wearables were the new thing. Slowly but surely, different brands have come into the market tearing up the scene bringing style, durability, and function. I’m here with the inside scoop on my favorite brands, what they are good for, and why you need one. The main idea behind the fitness watch or fitness tracker is to keep you active and make sure you stay moving. I mean, after all, nothing gets me off the couch faster than a buzz on my wrist telling me to stop being such a couch potato! Especially with summer looming.

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Today were going to focus on wristbands, whether you are looking for a watch that will track your sleep, your steps, or you want to monitor whats going into your body, and how your food is being processed, there is a device that will help you with that. Also, style is important to a lot of people. The all-inclusive Apple Watch, or even some larger facing Android Smart Watch devices, can be cumbersome. We are going to save the two big names out of the conversation for today. Here’s a general features list of some one the best fitness trackers on the market!


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For an all around all star fitness experience, the Garmin Vivosmart HR+ has everything you could ever need. It is packed with tech and has all the bells and whistles any active person would want in a fitness tracker. Its top mix of features and performance also made it a worthy Fitness Tracker of the Year at the Wareable Tech Awards 2016. Features include step counter, sleep monitoring, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, and GPS. The coolest part about it is that you do not even need your phone to go on a run with this fitness tracker. It is a little chunkier and less aesthetically pleasing than some of the other options but all around it offers the best functionality of all of the products mentioned. Price $219.99


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Next up we have the Jawbone. Automatic sleep tracking is now on offer available for all jawbone products that was not available before.That’s great news because the UP3 is incredibly in-depth when it comes to tracking your zzzz’s. By monitoring a user’s BPM, respiration rate, body temperature and galvanic skin response, it can give you your REM, light and deep sleep stats.The sleep tracking aspect is by far the coolest part about the jawbone but it does track your steps as well as your heart rate (both resting and passive). It is a lot more stylish then the Garmin, and offers many different style options. Price $179.99


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The most affordable of the products listed is the Moov Now. The slender band fits around your wrist and is used mostly for advanced sports training. With options that include training plans for actionable running, swimming and cycling, the name of the game is making you better at the sports you love. Cooler still is the bands options to increase difficultly levels as your productivity increases. The Moov Now also tracks your sleep and your steps like the other bands mentioned in this post but its more focused on presenting you with the options you need to succeed in the sports you love. Price $59.99


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The Withings Steel HR is stealing the show in the market of hybrid watches today. A hybrid watch is a watch that looks like a stylish Rolex might, however it has multiple tech aspects included that help make it a stylish fitness based product. The Steel HR tracks your sleep and steps as well has your heart rate. It also has a 25 day battery life  and recharges via a magnetic cable. If you are looking for a solution that will keep you informed on how active your moving while keeping you looking fresh, look no further this is the watch for you. Price $179.95

So whats the point? The point is we are all different and everyone has something different they are looking for when it comes to tracking their fitness. Let’s face it, we are not all Olympic athletes and some of us are less focused on sports than others, and some of us really value our style. There is one thing we are sure about though, everyone wants to be healthy and happy. No matter what your focus there is a watch for you that doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Its important that people keep track of their health, and tech wearable companies are paving the way to make the process easier and easier.