It seems like every time I get on facebook there is a new scam warning, most of them made up. Facebook clone accounts, however, are not made. In fact, one of our managers, Dallas, recently encountered this issue as did his mother, Carla.

Early one morning Dallas woke up to multiple messages from friends inquiring about the odd messages that Dallas had sent, however, he hadn’t sent any.

I searched my own name on Facebook and a profile came up with my picture and a couple mutual friends,” Dallas said.

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He found a fake profile with his name, his current profile picture, and some of his friends had even been added to the profile.

He’d never had an issue like this before but he reported the profile to Facebook, “They replied back within the day to say the profile had been removed.”

The next morning Carla, Dallas’s mother, received a message directly from Facebook saying her friend had reported the account and it had been removed. 

A few of her friends had received odd messages from her and reported this directly to Facebook for her. By the time she even knew there was an issue, Facebook had removed the account.

Dallas and Carla got lucky in this situation. A lot of times these fake accounts with either send harmful links for people to open or request money from the victim’s friends and family because it looks like the message is coming from a loved one.

So how can you protect yourself and your loved ones? Here are a few simple steps:facebook Scammers are Cloning Facebook Accounts web design 1953128 1920

  • Check your profile’s security settings. I have my profile set to private. When I share something no one can see it unless we’re friends, this keeps people from being able to steal your pictures and information from posts you may have made.
  • Make sure if you get a friend request from someone you’re already friends with you check with that person directly. Call them, text them, message them on their original profile. Mostly just think before you engage. Would you cousin really use Facebook to ask you to borrow money?
  • Protect your computer ahead of time with OneSecurity and OneProtect

If you do find a clone account for yourself or someone else, report it to Facebook. They will verify the account is fake and remove it. 

If you ever click a link that leads to a virus or malware we’re here 24/7 and always 100% U.S. based. Give us a call at 844-417-8776 or chat with us at and remember, we’re always just a call or a click away.