In our house screen time often goes on much longer than I’d like to admit, but these days it a lot easier to make sure that screen time is educational. There are so many educational technology apps out there geared toward steering children’s time in a healthy, mentally stimulating direction so we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite apps and websites. 

Barnyard Games:
“Easy to use. Has shape identification and sticker rewards. And my toddler loves it.”
-Jacquelyn, 6 years with OneSupport

“I recommend Duolingo as our public schools are quite far behind other countries in foreign languages. This is a free, easy-to-use app that helps children and adults learn foreign languages.”
-Anna-Marie, 3 years, 10 monthseducational technology  educational technology Tech Tips for Mom: Educational Technology thought 2123970 1920

“It’s a language tool for learning alternate languages and it’s very simple and easy to use and really cute.  Learning different languages early also helps promote growth and intellect.”
-Amanda, 8 years

“One of the many things that define us as a race is the fact that we speak a great many languages.  Currently, school curriculum around the country requires that children attend at least a semester of foreign language courses as part of their higher learning, but this doesn’t always offer the best forum for our youth to learn the languages that interest them.  Duolingo offers a means for anyone, not just adults, to delve directly into languages in a consistent and entertaining way. It challenges the user to pursue their goals and provides a reward system to encourage the user to accel beyond them. Through audio, video and direct testing, Duolingo can be used on most any media from computers, tablets, and even mobile devices.  It’s absolutely free, and can help our youth bridge the language gap by offering them the opportunity to learn the languages of the cultures they want.”
-Scott, 7 years

“Duolingo is a free language learning app for all ages. Its suitable for kids or adults who want to expand their fluency in just about any language. I recommend it because its free, easy to use, and fun (learning is treated as a game and doesn’t seem like a chore or boring). The lessons are high quality and the app will track how long since you practiced a skill or word and make you refresh if it has been a while. Worth a look.
-Adam, 6 months

CodeAcademy:educational technology educational technology Tech Tips for Mom: Educational Technology students 99506 1920
“This is more a website which should be able to be reached by any device. This is a free learning site where the user can make a login to save their progress or bookmark courses which can be taken at one’s leisure. There are courses for all levels involving computer programing starting from basic entry level.”-Jeff, 3 years

Elmo Loves 123
“They learn to count numbers from 1 to 20, do simple addition and subtraction, and trace numbers that also open surprises, such as Sesame Street videos, puzzles, and coloring pages.”
-Steve, 3 months

Khan Academy
“I used it when I was in college, it’s a great app with all kinds of materials and subjects for all grades and ages. It’s very visual, it has great games and practice tests.”
– Ashley, 5 monthseducational technology educational technology Tech Tips for Mom: Educational Technology question 2519654 1280

“The best free (or paid) school help for kids I have ever found. Great if you are a working parent and need that help for your kid’s homework when you are busy or working or as in today’s math over your head.”
-Lisa, 6 years
“Has a curriculum for all grade levels. Tons of resources on the site. I used it when I was working in the elementary school computer lab. Oh. and it works on all platforms.” -Eric, 2 months

These are some of our agents’ favorites, and here’s mine: ABC Mouse (I’ve used it with my boys for years). You get a profile for each kid and one parent account. The kids can learn multiple subjects at an appropriate age level, you start with basic things like letters and numbers then move onto spelling, reading, and math. It does require some parent interaction but I can’t speak highly enough of the educational benefits.

This is just some of the educational technology available to help keep growing minds occupied. If you have more suggestions for educational apps or sites, let us know! You can leave a comment here on our blog, on our Facebook page or tweet us @OneSupportUSA.

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