In all areas of the world, most people will agree that they love nothing more than their children. A newborn baby is the most precious gift that any parent could receive. Because of this, technology has gone to new lengths to ensure caring for a child is easier and more immersive than ever before. A lot has changed in terms of parenting and the resources available to help nurture their children. The differences between then and now are quite astounding, especially when it comes to the baby monitor.

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Back in the day, the main technical component associated with baby monitors was sound monitoring. It worked kind of like a walkie-talkie. The general idea was that one monitor was in the parent’s room and one in the infant’s room. If the parents fell asleep in the middle of the night and their baby started crying, or any noise was detected, the baby monitors were used to wake the parents and allow them to still be able to focus on their child, without having to sleep in a rocking chair by the crib every night. With the advancements associated with technology, baby monitors are able to track and monitor so much more today!

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While baby technology has come a long way in the past 50 years, no baby monitor does more than the Nanit. This baby monitor truly does it all by completely reinventing the baby monitoring experience. This startup has created the smartest baby monitor around. This is because the Nanit camera uses a thing called computer vision, which enables the camera to learn how your baby moves, and tells you if they are fussy, awake or sleeping like a … baby! Nanit tracks and understands sleep patterns, parent visits, and room conditions.

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Nanit’s baby monitor includes an app for your iPhone or Android

Nanit’s camera pairs with an app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It helps you identify sleep issues and patterns with your child to get your little one sleeping through the night before you know it! Another cool feature associated with the Nanit app includes a highlight reel. Every morning, the highlight reel shows the movements of their child throughout the night. It also provides a sleep score, so that parents can keep up with their child’s improving sleep patterns.

In regards to affordability, the all-inclusiveness of Nanit does make it a little more pricey than other monitors on the market today. The floor stand and camera are retailed for $279. Nanit Insights, the software that uses analytics to perform sleep tracking and video history for unlimited users, is available as a subscription service. You can purchase 30 days of Insights for $50, or a year of unlimited Insights for $180.

Although these prices may seem a little expensive, the fact is parents invest in their children. It is absolutely true that there are several products on the market that provide a baby monitoring experience for a less expensive price. These products are going to give you basic video monitoring and sound monitoring. Nanit’s software is able to take your infants sleep performance and monitoring to the next level with analytics that track progress. Plus, they make it personal with videos of your child’s sleep history consistently in the palm of your hand, you are guaranteed to never miss a thing.

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