Monday, Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2017 started out with lots of exciting news like:

  • HomePod
  • iPad Pro 2 (in two different sizes 10.5 inches or 12.9 inches)
  • WatchOS 4
  • MacOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • Updates to the iMac line
  • iPhone 8’s AR whispers are all but confirmed now
  • A small refresh to their MacBook line
  • Finally (and my favorite) the new iOS 11!

Apple iOS 11 apple Apple is “turned up to 11”? maxresdefault

I am that nerd who looks forward to a new iOS like a little kid on Christmas. For me it’s like getting a new phone every time without having to spend hundreds of dollars to actually get a new phone, and this isn’t just an upgrade to the current iOS, this is a whole new system. So let’s walk through this update together so we can all get excited, or as Apple’s CEO Time Cook said the software update is “turned up to 11”.

apple Apple is “turned up to 11”? iOS 11 vs iOS 10 visual

So, what’s new and different with Apple’s iOS11? IOS 11 is showing a LOT of love to the iPad with the inclusion of a dock just like a Mac computer, and the scrolling from app-to-app along the bottom of the screen (even offering a multitasking menu in the app dock). Also new for the iPad is the drag and drop option as well as split screen mode. More or less this update will make your iPad feel more like a computer and less like a giant iPhone.

apple Apple is “turned up to 11”? ios 11 ipad dock

Now on to the fun stuff.  What’s newer, bigger, or better with iOS11? There’s a lot to list, and we all have other things we should be doing, so let’s go with my top 5 things I am most excited about.

  1.  Let’s start with Siri, there’s going to be major upgrades to her skills, letting her learn more about users from their habits and iPhone uses.
  2. The update everyone always wants to know about, storage – photos now being stored as HEVC files instead of H.264, what this means to everyone – more room on your device and easier to share.
  3.  Another note towards storage is that iMessages will be able to be backed up to your iCloud, so they won’t take up space on your device anymore.
  4. Also look forward to an update to the App store – easier browsing and reviews and star ratings are easier to find so you can see what others think before downloading.
  5. Major upgrades also to Apple Maps making navigation more detailed than ever, also including a do not disturb option for while you’re using navigation with an auto-reply option.

apple Apple is “turned up to 11”? new app store three iphones apps games today

Other new changes? The Control Center will be getting a whole new look – don’t panic! Apple is just consolidating a few things, your Control Center will now include music controls, app shortcuts, and system controls. In the theme of combining, the notification center and lock screen are teaming up – in theory this should just make it easier to catch older alerts you’ve missed.

apple Apple is “turned up to 11”? iOS 11 Control Centre

Now that we’re all excited and checking for software update a few times a day (that wasn’t just me, right?) Apple has announced iOS 11 won’t be released for a few months this fall. We’ll be ready and waiting, and trying to check for software updates only once a day until then and distract ourselves with summer fun – anyone else heard the rumors that Steam’s summer sale kicks off June 22, 2017?

apple Apple is “turned up to 11”? iOS 11 release date 1